Just ask any electronic cigarette user and they go on and on about all the great things it has to offer. For them it is nothing short of a miracle. It allows them to smoke without harming their health or the health of the people close to them. Compared to traditional tobacco, it is much healthier. If you are also thinking about abandoning your smoking habit and going to the much healthier route, it is important that you know and pros and cons of e-cigarettes.


E-cigs are healthier

One of the most attractive things about electronic cigarettes is that they are a lot healthier than your traditional cigarettes. Just looking at the ingredients of a traditional tobacco and that of the e-cig will tell you that traditional tobacco contains a wide variety of ingredients which harmful to health. The chemicals contained can cause a variety of ailments such as cancer and pneumonia.

You can get your nicotine fix more comfortably

Smoking electronic cigarettes Ireland are more socially acceptable than smoking your traditional tobacco. Traditional tobacco is odorous. It has an odour which can cling to your hair and your clothes. It is also not a good thing to smoke in front of other people who do not. With e-cigs, you will be able to smoke anywhere you want. There is smoke and there is no odour so other people would not be bothered by it. You can smoke in bars and even in restaurants.

You can save money

electronic cigaretteAlthough you will be shelling out a substantial amount of money for your starter kit, you will be saving a lot of money in the long run. E-liquid is cheap and a 10ml e-liquid is tantamount to 5 packs of a traditional cigarette. Although the cartridges have to be replaced every few weeks, they are still inexpensive.


E-cigs can get you addicted to nicotine

Although e-cigs are healthier than your traditional tobacco, you can still get addicted to nicotine.  E-cigs may be really fun at first but if you are not a smoker to begin with, you should never try e-cigs. It is better to stay away from it. It is a good option for current smokers but not a good one for non-smokers.

You can get your nicotine fix anytime

Being able to get your nicotine fix anywhere and anytime is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Why? Because even if you are only using e-cigs, there are still people who do not like smoking, period. You should also take note that there are social situations wherein it is not appropriate to smoke at all, regardless if you are using an e-cig or not.

It is not difficult to become a hardcore vaper

If you become a hardcore vaper using e liquid, you will end up purchasing more equipment than you really need and you will eventually end up spending more money than you would on traditional tobacco. Do not get too excited. Although e-cigs are much cheaper and healthier, they are still cigarettes and the last thing you want to do is blow your money on them. Control yourself!


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